Enjoying a Week at Risk of Getting the Zombie Virus

Oh, man. I was gone for too long I can’t even remember when I last posted on this blog. I’m sorry, guys >n< Anyway, the reason why i was gone for so long was because i attended this national psychological convention in Manila where we had like quiz bees, contests, talks, workshops, and others, andContinue reading “Enjoying a Week at Risk of Getting the Zombie Virus”

Bus Rides and Sunsets

Sometimes it feels better not to talk. At all. About anything. To anyone. And whenever that happens, it’s the most peaceful I’ve ever felt. My jeepney ride to Iloilo City made me think about clown cars. You know that clown trope where an unreasonable number of clowns enter a small four-seater and everyone thinks it’sContinue reading “Bus Rides and Sunsets”

I'm So Sick of Rape Culture

I’m so fucking sick of rape culture and what frustrates me is that most people don’t get it. If it was about the “sluttiness” of the clothes,there wouldn’t be victims wearing casual jeans and shirt, pajamas, or uniforms. But there are. If it was about the length of the clothes, rape crimes would skyrocket duringContinue reading “I'm So Sick of Rape Culture”

Escapism and Selfish Blogging

So I’ve been reading other people’s blogs.  So far, everything I’ve read were all amazingly written—be it about advice or a poem.  This platform is so great I can’t believe I just discovered it now. How all these amazing writers are all here and this site is still not very well-known (here in the Philippines,Continue reading “Escapism and Selfish Blogging”

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