Curse Unbroken

Mortals shall perish as the gods wage war

The Era of Fae shall stand ajar

Yet if there be tragedy of the Heart’s death

Humanity shall be able to take one more breath

Still, to cease, the Heart shall unlock the door

For the Golden Blood to walk on earth once more

When five moons align reminds the Curse of Eros

This be the forewarning for the Wrath of Chaos

The Prophecy

He froze as he watched her fall. She took the hit that was supposed to be his.

There was a pulse of loss that washed over the earth, and everyone felt it. At that moment, the War paused. Everything everywhere fell quiet. The whole world seemed to hold its breath. Except his.

His world was gasping for air, pulse deteriorating. His world was dying.

His feet were the weight of the mountains, and the sky pushed him down on his knees. He reached out his shaking hands, and cradled her in his arms as he would hold a burnt coal with fear of crumbling it into ashes.

Her lashes were as heavy as the ocean, but she held her gaze as her eyes found his. Her hand was ice that rested on his chest, feeling his heart that, although breaking, was still beating. He took her hand in his. The light in her eyes was fading. But at that moment, she glowed.

Her voice was the faintest of whispers and the weakest of breaths. But she spoke. And to him, it was the only sound.

“You lived.”

Her lashes rested on her cheeks. Her hand limped. Her glow dulled and ceased completely. But she died with a smile, the most peaceful there was.


For a few breaths, there was nothing.

Then the whole world felt it. The horror, the dread, as the sky crashes down after the soundlessness.

His tears drenched the soil, but he hadn’t noticed. He held her lifeless body against him as he felt in his core something that felt like an old star collapsing.

Pain. Death. Life. Everything, everything was so unbearable he wasn’t even aware he was screaming. And all hell broke lose.

The sky darkened, the earth shook. Thunder roared, and tides crashed against mountains. Wind and storm lashed out a thousand tempests.

Anger. Loss. Guilt. Ruin. The world felt it all. The Legacy of Destruction. The Tragedy of the Son of Chaos.

That day, people thought is was the end. The last day of humanity, the prophesized Armageddon. People trembled in fear, cried and begged for their miserable lives as they prayed to whatever god they believed in.

Little did they know it was the day the gods cowered and fled, ceasing the War. For the Heart has died, and the grievance of Chaos was more than any god or fae could ever survive.

The world, the humanity, was saved—in exchange for his.

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writer, university student

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