I'm So Sick of Rape Culture

I’m so fucking sick of rape culture and what frustrates me is that most people don’t get it.

If it was about the “sluttiness” of the clothes,there wouldn’t be victims wearing casual jeans and shirt, pajamas, or uniforms. But there are.

If it was about the length of the clothes, rape crimes would skyrocket during the summer, and would’ve been nonexistent during the earlier times when women only wore floor-length dresses with wrist-length sleeves. But they don’t, and it wasn’t.

If it was about staying out late and walking in suspicious areas, there wouldn’t be victims raped in their own homes. But there are.

If it was being “drunk and wild”, then there wouldn’t be victims who are sober and kept to themselves. But there are.

If it was being a woman, then there wouldn’t be male rape victims. But there are.

If it was doing and being all these things combined, then why the fuck are there victims who are CHILDREN, TODDLERS, and INFANTS?

It’s not about adding more and more precautions to avoid the “urges” of rapists.

It’s not about how much they fought. If you know how to fight and defend yourself, that’s good. But It shouldn’t be a necessity.

Lives should be lived without fear. I don’t want my life to be a fight, I want it to feel like living. Not a constant struggle to survive.

The answer is not piling up restrictions and taking away a person’s sense of security.

The answer is teaching people how to be decent human beings, and making them understand that you are in control of your own actions and decisions.

And don’t you even give me that “Well, men are biologically more sexual beings than women” or “Well, it’s so hard to fight your urges, it’s so much easier for girls to just do the above” bullshit.

Because if you blame your hormones and fucking urges to harassment and/or assault, don’t you dare blame me if i ever kill someone on my period.

Published by iamfictional

writer, university student

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