Bus Rides and Sunsets

Sometimes it feels better not to talk. At all. About anything. To anyone.

And whenever that happens, it’s the most peaceful I’ve ever felt.

My jeepney ride to Iloilo City made me think about clown cars. You know that clown trope where an unreasonable number of clowns enter a small four-seater and everyone thinks it’s magic? The jeep i was in was like that, except it was originally a 20-seater, and almost twice the number of passengers were in it.

It was my first time going to the City on my own, and i wasn’t even 100% sure where to drop and ride another vehicle to get to places. Good news: I safely and successfully got to the places i wanted to go. Bad news: I didn’t know how to go back anymore lmao. So i just hired a taxi to the bus terminal.

The ride back to Miagao was better than the jeepney ride, since buses had a designated seat-per-person count. I sat in the seat right behind the driver, who kept singing whatever he was doing (like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) but in a language i didn’t understand. To remedy the discomfort, i put on my earphones and listened to a mythology podcast.

Two hours later, the sun was setting. The sky showed a sunset that silenced my inner thoughts, and it was the best feeling for someone like me whose thoughts just never shut up.

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writer, university student

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