Realize, Redeem, Revolt

In a world where society existsand we’re not supposed to go astrayWhere people tell you to be differentbut once you are, you’re shooed away In a world where you are supposed to fit in,where people are forced to pretendStanding stiff, making no mistakes,patching up masks up to no end But what if we grew tiredContinue reading “Realize, Redeem, Revolt”

What You Don’t Know About Death

I met a little boyHis name is Death Despite popular beliefHe isn’t broody or gloomy or darkDeath has the sweetest smilesWith eyes of brightest spark Despite what most people thinkDeath adores healersHe oversees love and health and lifeFor, he explained, he doesn’t really need believers Death loves the defenders,the mad scientists, and the so calledContinue reading “What You Don’t Know About Death”

It’s 10 pm And IDK WTF This Means

Grey sunrises and dry inkfound in open-ended riversFor crocodile tears and sunny blinkswere the warmth that sent shivers A sly masked in a friendly facewho promised to lend wingsHere then lies the smiles, the trust,and all other broken things And thus we see the fall of onewho struggled for their nameGrey sunrises and dry inkisContinue reading “It’s 10 pm And IDK WTF This Means”

Not On The Sleeves

Where do you leave your heartif not on your sleeve?Do you leave it by the waves,on the rocks, and just leave? Or should i try old bookshopswith dusty pages in every corner?Could it find a home thereWould it stay there forever? How about old churcheswhere my faith has long been gone?Should my sins be forgivenifContinue reading “Not On The Sleeves”

To My First Crush

Can i tell you a secret?I’ve never liked anyone like this beforeAnd it actually scares meHow now there’s beleaguerment to my being independent to my own happiness, unlike beforeThen, i used to be able to go by my dayThen, there was no particular person that would determine whether i would feel okay the whole dayButContinue reading “To My First Crush”

There Was A Time

There was a timeWhen the wind used to laugh with meBillowing through the treesAs it carried me free There was a timeWhen the moon used to sing songsHumming luminous melodiesSerenading how i belong There was a timeWhen the sea used to come overWashing me with caressWishing me to stay forever There was a timeWhen theContinue reading “There Was A Time”

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